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Take the Adrenaline Ride of a Lifetime on the
World’s Highest and Fastest Roller Coaster Ride,
Traveling in an Aircraft at over 150 miles per hour,
Pulling more than 3G's

Rollerbatics™ is the World’s First Custom Designed Roller Coaster Experience.

Pick from one of the world's top four roller coasters for the adrenaline ride of your lifetime. You have never boarded a roller coaster that required you to wear a parachute before Rollerbatics™. No roller coaster has ever held you completely upside down for 90 seconds, nor taken you on a 1500 foot vertical descent. Rollerbatics™ is the the premium, high velocity thrill seeker experience. You have to try this!!!

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Bucket List

Steep vertical climbs lead to Hammerhead Barrel Rolls, Inside Loops, Half Cuban Eight, Lazy Eights, Hesitation Roll and an Erect Spin...pulling 3.5 G’s at key velocity! If you like loops and rolls, you will love this experience!

Lemme Out!

Intense Dives, Hesitation Rolls, Inversions combined with a Vertical Up, Chandelle, Outside Loop leading to a Half Cuban Eight. If you like to be upside down, this is the ride for you!


Barrell Rolls, Slow Rolls, Hesitation Rolls and Aileron Rolls are the star of this experience. Inner loops, Outer loops, Immelman Turn, Standing Eight and an Erect Spin. Not for the squeemish!

Dog Fight

Starts with a Vertical Up, Hammerhead, Lazy Eight, Half Cuban Eight, Split S, Outside Loop, Erect Spin, and Aileron Rolls. Experience the most exotic manuevers in this flight!

Rides range in price from $225 to $500 depending on which aircraft is chosen. These manuevers replicate the world’s most intense roller coasters and more!

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